Sab 5000 cred

Someone got lucky!

Credits (known as Cred in-game) are the standard unit of currency in Stick Arena Ballistick. They are earned by logging in every eight hours or purchasing a lab pass.


Cred are used to buy spinners, pets, and map slots though they are somewhat useless since a majority of the items cannot be obtained without a Lab Pass. One must have enough credits if they want to buy a spinner or the pets and if the player does not have enough cred, a message will pop up and say they don't have enough and ask if they want a lab pass (the same message will pop up for the lack of a lab pass only without the cred part).


Although it's stated above they are earned every eight hours, they can also be earned by logging on daily, weekly, etc. Depending on luck, it's possible to earn 25 (bat), 30 (sledgehammer), 35 (katana), 40 (chainsaw), 55 (glock), 60 (AK-47),75 (shotgun), 100 (chaingun), 150 (Railgun) or 250 (flamethrower). On very rare occasions, you can win up to 1500 or even 5000 cred (though it's more common to get lesser values) and if you decided to buy a lab pass, you can get 1000 bonus credits in a month), 6000 in 6 months), or 12000 in one year!


  • It MAY be possible to earn cred in map making contests.
  • The winning amount of cred is displayed on a lottery ticket.
  • Almost all the winning amounts of cred are paired up with a ballistick weapon (the least being the least effective weapon and the most being with the most effective) (excludes the 1500).
  • Cred coins are displayed as a coin with a cent sign on them.
  • The Stick Arena mod/community play-day's include giving credits as prizes!