Stick Arena Ballistick is an multiplayer game created by XgenStudios.
Stick arena Ballistick - Gameplay03:00

Stick arena Ballistick - Gameplay

Stick Arena Ballistick gameplay in the void.

There are a couple of features like Lab Pass, which allows VIP mode, and multiple weapons.


Point. Click. die...then spaz

Basically, spaz at and rage quit at many players as possible.

Basic ControlsEdit

  • Arrow Keys or ASDW - move (fast)
  • V - walk - when pressed with directional keys
  • Clicking/ spacebar - attack
  • Shift - scoreboard
  • Red X on scoreboard - vote for a player to kick out of game

Top AreaEdit

The bar represents your health, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, ect. represent your rank according to the number of kills in the current game, and the weapon on the right reprsents your current weapon.

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