The 6 Lab Pass weapons

Weapons are tools used to kill opponents to get in the higher ranks. There are 12 weapons to use. Some of them require a Lab Pass, but the other weapons are free to use. Each weapon has its own strength which means some of them are strong, and some of them are weak.

Note: You do not buy weapons at the Ballistick Store.

The Weapons

Free Weapons

  • Fists - 12 damage, 12 hit kill
  • Glock - 20 damage, 5 hit kill
  • Bat - 33 damage, 4 hit kill
  • AK-47 - 17 damage, 6 hit kill
  • Shotgun - 35 damage, 3 hit kill
  • Sledgehammer - 100 damage, instant kill (however very slow)
  • Katana - 13 damage, 7 hit kill

Lab Pass weapons

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